Logistics and Warehouse Sectors Still Hiring

While hiring has been adversely affected in many industries due to Covid-19, the warehouse and logistics industry is experiencing a boom. Particularly, firms specialising in e-commerce have seen a sharp rise in demand as more people do their grocery and essentials shopping from home.

The Straits Times reported that warehousing logistics is the sector with the strongest demand for manpower in non-PMET (professional, manager, executive and technician) roles. The sector has overtaken retail and hospitality in terms of volume of job postings post-circuit breaker (June and July compared with June and July of 2019), which occupied the top spots last year. 

Companies in these industries are hiring for roles such as prime mover drivers, logistics assistants and e-commerce executives. The salary for a prime mover driver can be up to $5,000/month, while an e-commerce executive can make up to $3,000/month. 

Qualifications-wise, non-PMET positions are looking for O-Levels/N-Levels at minimum (with positions such as delivery driver requiring a license), while executive-level positions require a Diploma or Degree in Business or Business-related fields.

As for qualities, warehouse and e-commerce companies are looking for “motivated individuals who are nimble and agile, and have a keen interest to explore the supply chain and logistics sector,” said a spokesperson for YCH Group. Other qualities in-demand are problem-solving skills, good teamwork and self-discipline.

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Business photo created by senivpetro – www.freepik.com