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5 Sample Resume Templates

We all know the importance of a good resume. (It’s a must-have for JobsCentral Graduate Virtual Career Fair 2021!) But what makes a resume good? … “5 Sample Resume Templates”

5 Must-Do’s for Effective Networking

Networking, like many other activities, has moved online more than ever these days. Our very own JobsCentral Graduate Virtual Career Fair is completely online, and … “5 Must-Do’s for Effective Networking”

5 Tips for Switching Industry

As some sectors flourish while others struggle due to the pandemic, many of you may be considering switching industry. The newspapers are full of stories … “5 Tips for Switching Industry”

Sector Spotlight: Healthcare

The top five sectors hiring have been indicated to be information and communications, healthcare, professional services, finance and insurance, and manufacturing. Amongst these, healthcare is … “Sector Spotlight: Healthcare”

The Benefits of Career Coaching

When we’re stuck wondering what to do next, we tend to ask friends and family, or go to a forum or webinar. In such cases, … “The Benefits of Career Coaching”

Sector Spotlight: Human Resources

Hiring has resumed in 2021, but there have been some significant changes to the landscape. The Straits Times reported that government initiatives such as the … “Sector Spotlight: Human Resources”

Sector Spotlight: Social Work

Social workers play a vital role maintaining “heartware” where other positions may maintain “hardware”. Is this a career for you? We provide an overview of the sector so that you can see where YOUR heart lies.

Sector Spotlight: Logistics

We look at the opportunities and possibilities of the logistics sector, booming thanks to its vital role in supply.

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