Job Trends in 2021 – Sectors Looking Up

Singapore has been saluted for its well-coordinated response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that does not mean companies went unscathed. Many businesses closed, while others had to quickly adapt to digitalisation or draw on government grants to transform and evolve. Those that succeeded have been rewarded with great gains in the form of new business models, tested and tempered leadership skills, and opportunities to further expand.

On that last point, several sectors have developed through the difficulties and are now in a position whereby they want to employ more suitable individuals. Some of these positions are new jobs created by accelerated technological demand, while others are tried-and-true staples for any growing business.

Various reports such as Insights from LinkedIN and MyCareersFuture have highlighted four particular trends of note for the jobseeker of 2021. They are:

  1. The acceleration of digitalisation

Singapore has always been a great advocate of digitalisation, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Research found that 1 in 3 (~36%) of all Southeast Asia consumers who are new to digital services picked them up due to COVID-19 and 94% of these new consumers intend to continue with the service post pandemic.

This translates into hiring demand on two levels: companies expanding into the digital realm to connect with customers on social media or automated ordering; and research and development into new business technology.

Positions in demand include Social Media Executives, Data Science Experts, and Cybersecurity Personnel. For example, Zoom Video Communications recently announced that it is hiring hundreds of key engineering staff for its new Research and Development Centre in Singapore, and the videoconferencing platform also plans to double its data centre capacity in Singapore to open the new R&D centre by the third quarter of 2021.

Looking to get into a tech career? We have just the guide for you!

  1. Rise of online education and consultation

Like many other sectors, education went online with the pandemic and e-learning became the norm. And just like e-commerce, students are embracing the convenience of e-coaching and online classes with gusto.

Moreover, many faced retrenchment and difficulty during the pandemic as both individuals and companies. This has led to a rise in demand for coaching and consultant services in areas such as communication, career planning and life advice. Be it restructuring the business to face the new normal of 2021, or a single person facing a brand new career path – expert advice is more deeply appreciated now than ever before.

Jobs include Academic Administrators, Tutors, Career Coordinators and Curriculum Development. If you feel a calling for a job that helps from the heart, this may be a good sector to look into.

  1. A robust care economy

Speaking of a job with a heart, our healthcare sector continues to grow and develop. Singapore faces not just the pandemic, but also ongoing health issues like tending to an aging population. We are also a popular destination for medical tourism, and therefore must have the talent on hand to match.

For example, medtech company Lucence Diagnostics, which specialises in developing genomic tests for cancer detection and treatment selection, is looking to hire over 30 people to grow its business in coronavirus mass testing technology based on saliva tests.

2021 is also predicted to see continued demand for more varied healthcare professionals such as social workers, laboratory technicians and mental health specialists. The care industry, like its name, is in need of people who have not only the clinical and medical knowledge but also suitable interpersonal and communication skills.

  1. Traditional jobs remain relevant

As organisations adapt and grow, they still need a strong foundation to start from. This means that traditional roles like finance, HR, business development and customer service still have their place in the hiring world. However, jobseekers are encouraged to embrace the new technologies, skills and professional knowledge that have become “compulsory” for these positions.

In fact, demand has grown in some cases. With Grab-Singtel consortium and internet company Sea given digital full bank licences, Grab-Singtel now plans to hire around 200 people in Singapore by the end of 2021. These include roles in the fields of product, data and cybersecurity.

So if you want to continue being a Tax Officer, Client Service Officer or Business Development Associate, by all means!

In conclusion: don’t be trapped by the bleak past of 2020. In 2021, there are employment opportunities for those who wish to grasp them!