5 Hot Sectors for Jobseekers

Singapore’s resident unemployment rate rose to 4.5% in August, and the Ministry of Manpower noted that a significant number of unfilled vacancies still remained, suggesting some mismatch in expectations and skills.

For jobseekers, ever more sobering news came through in the form of wide-scale retrenchments at large companies, and many sectors experiencing a sharp fall in profits.

Hence, if you’re on the lookout for a position, we recommend concentrating on the sectors that are hiring – and some of which are even experiencing labour shortages. We have put the spotlight of 5:

  1. Security

    The security sector is experiencing a manpower shortage. President of the Security Association Singapore, Mr Raj Joshua Thomas, reported that since the pandemic broke out, demand for security officers has increased by around 10%-20% or roughly 5,000 to 10,000 positions, of which the majority are for ancillary roles such as temperature takers and front-line staff.

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  1. Logistics

    Singapore’s strategic location and world-class infrastructure have cemented its place as a logistics hub of our region, if not globally. Additionally, the spread of Covid-19 has companies eager to capitalise on and develop new receipt and delivery processes, making the logistics industry a minefield of opportunity.

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  1. E-commerce

    E-commerce is experiencing a boom in hiring on two fronts. First, retailers are increasingly looking to hire PMETs who have digital skills to help their businesses grow on e-commerce platforms. Apart from jobs, there are also about 610 company-hosted traineeships and attachments as well as about 430 training opportunities available in retail roles.

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  1. Food services and manufacturing

    Straits Times reported that some 5,400 jobs in food services and food manufacturing have been available since April under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, with about two in five of them for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs). PMET roles include food technologists, chefs, food and beverage services managers and business development managers. Non-PMET roles in the sector include supervisors and general foremen for food processing, bakers, pastry and confectionery makers, and shop and store salespersons.

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  1. Electronics

    Over 70,000 workers specialising in fields such as semiconductor and consumer electronics are employed in the cluster, but the fast-growing electronics industry is still in need of new talent. Around 1,900 jobs were made available in this sector between April and September, with plenty still on offer. Positions available included PMET roles which ranged from manufacturing engineers, electronic engineers to non-technical roles in marketing or sales.

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