Teacher’s Day Special – Why Be a Teacher

Amongst other essential workers, teachers struggled during the circuit breaker as lessons went entirely online. The news is filled with inspiring stories of how many of them rose to the occasion, learning how to use Zoom, guiding parents through laptop setup, and introducing a variety of online educational apps and tools to help their pupils.

But ask any of them, and they’ll tell you the long hours and difficult problems were all worth it. Teaching is its own reward, they say.

But what does that mean, exactly? We looked through some of the reasons teachers chose that determined why they devoted themselves to education.

Teaching makes a visible difference

Unlike being stuck in a corporation pushing paper, teaching has immediate and obvious results. Teachers take pride in watching their students bloom and mature under the guidance. The reward of a job well-done in this arena is a tangible, unshakable difference in the lives of many.

You learn as much as you teach

You don’t just teach as a teacher – you’ll learn as well. Education is not a one-way street but a highway of knowledge, and teachers learn as much from their students, student’s parents and colleagues and superiors as they teach. This makes for a rich and engaging career where there is always something more to discover.

No two days are the same

Talk to any teacher, and they’ll have stories of their students’ weird antics, bizarre occurrences of bureaucracy, or simply days when nothing went right or wrong. While teachers do tend to follow a timetable for lessons, nothing about the profession is predictable. It is an exciting job, where every day brings something new.

You’ll have job security

We will always need teachers. As a teacher, you’ll rarely have to worry about being let go or being unable to find employment. Teachers are considered essential workers and enjoy a certain level of job security as a result.

More than just a job – you’ll reach out to the next generation

Perhaps the most compelling reason why teachers teach is for the work itself. A teacher shapes the next generation, a duty that goes beyond a job or career. Their efforts directly and immediately influence the future of many, and that could be teaching’s greatest reward.

Vintage photo created by tirachard – www.freepik.com