Start Your Job Right with These 5 Resolutions

When do you start preparing for your new job? The answer is: as soon as you get home after signing the hiring contract. More than making sure your company laptop boots up properly and getting your papers in order, you need to manage your mentality.

For starters, begin with these five job resolutions to ensure that you integrate, enjoy and develop in your new positions. They are:

1. I will be more productive at work

If this is your first job, it’s time to show how you can shine! Remember that it’s not like school where lecturers can give extensions or change grades depending on circumstances. The working world operates with hard deadlines and much more responsibility. Be prepared to be productive!

If you are returning to the industry, you know the drill. But don’t settle for just doing what you used to do – commit yourself to giving more. After all, your sector will have developed and advanced during the time you were away, and you have to keep pace with such developments.

2.  I will look outside my job scope

As a newcomer, we tend to be shy about expressing ourselves because we don’t want to “rock the boat”. However, it is important to know when to stop staying in your comfort zone and start taking smaller risks to achieve greater outcomes.

Look beyond yourself at how you can help others with their work. Examine processes and propose improvements. Offer to take up projects or extra responsibilities that you feel you can handle.

All these will help you integrate faster into the work environment, and your gung-ho attitude will definitely impress the boss!

3. I will look for professional development opportunities.

Get up to speed with whatever upskilling or promotional plans your organisation has. And look outside as well – are there courses or certifications that will help you perform better at the workplace? Time to sign up!

4. I will speak up and speak out

No one will know how you feel if you don’t say it. Does a certain teammate make you feel uncomfortable? Do you think a process could be managed better? Make your views known to contribute to a more efficient, friendly workplace.

Also, team members who speak out also tend to be presented with more growth opportunities than others who choose not to. Grasp those opportunities when you see them!

5. I will interact and associate with others

Don’t fall into the fallacy of thinking “I’m just here to do a job, not make friends”. You’ll spend half your day with your colleagues, you should strive to have a professional relationship with them. Even if you don’t become best friends, keeping things cordial and friendly at the office will do a lot to help you settle in.

So have you got this list memorised or pinned to your wall? Now you’re ready to start getting ready for your new job!