How to Get into a Tech Career

While hiring in some industries has slowed, some tech companies are still hiring “boldly”, according to the Business Times. Positions available include IT Support, Web Developer, Cloud Consultant and more. (We are hiring as well!)

However, not all IT-related jobs are created equal. Companies are still downsizing as changing talent needs dictates that some jobs are lost while others are created. In particular, e-commerce and data-driven positions are in demand as they provide essential skills necessary for companies today.

As a sector that is seeing increased demand, the IT industry looks especially attractive now for jobseekers and those looking to switch careers. Those looking for a career in tech need to be aware of how quickly things change in this fast-paced industry, and adapt themselves to suit.

You can begin by…

  1. Doing your research

    Research is always the first step to getting into any new field. If you wish to begin a career in IT, it is a good idea to turn away from the traditional media and head to the blogs, podcasts and news portals about the industry. As developments happen very quickly, getting yourself up-to-date and keeping up-to-date is vital.

    You should also research what the IT industry is like as a workplace, and ask yourself if it suits you. Startups are characterised by long hours and greater opportunities, while established IT giants like Google have a very distinct corporate culture.

  1. Closing knowledge gaps

    Getting certified is a good way to start your IT career. While you may not need a degree in your chosen field to start, you will definitely need certification in whatever field of computing you’re interested in. Most IT companies hire based on certs and programmes, (e.g., “Rails 4.x, Ruby 2.x certified”, “certified in AWS/Azure”) so a relevant certification is necessary if you wish to apply for a position.

    Check out some of the courses available in JobsCentral Learning, and sign up to take your next step towards and IT career! 

  1. Signing up with a startup

    If you’re starting from scratch, it’s unlikely you’ll get a job with a big industry name on the power of your cert or degree alone. The good news is that we are home to many innovative tech startups, which make for great places to get your feet wet and gain valuable industry experience.

    Startups in particular often give their employees more responsibility and freer reign, which will allow you to develop your skills and go further. They are also great places to meet important people in the industry and get a feel for the culture.

  1. Networking with industry partners

    More and more people are hired through referrals currently, and the same goes for the IT industry. And with everyone working from home, online networking is becoming more ubiquitous than ever before. So update your LinkedIN profile, start commenting on forums, and get yourself out there!

    Building relationships in the IT industry is especially important if you’re transitioning from another career or making this your first one. With so many players in our local IT sector, you need to make valuable connections and pick up relevant knowledge, which can only be done through networking.

    Any one of these contacts may lead to your next IT position, so begin networking ASAP.

Moving to a new field, especially one as fast-paced as IT, is always daunting, but not impossible. Embrace your possibility and make it work!

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