How to Attract Employers to Your LinkedIN Profile

While Facebook and Instagram are for our personal lives, the social media of choice for our careers is definitely LinkedIN. Geared towards businesses and organisations, LinkedIN is a jobseeker’s dream platform of business-ready networking.

Having signed up JobsCentral Graduate Virtual Career Fair 2021, you may be wondering how to make your name stick in the minds of the organisational representatives you’ve met after the event is over.

The answer? Actively network on LinkedIN.

Whether you’re new to the game, or getting back to job hunting after a long while, it may be difficult to tell where to start. Whatever the case, you won’t go wrong optimising your profile by:

  1. Raise your search ranking

Work with LinkedIN SEO by making sure you have a complete profile listing all your employment history and educational background. Then add on to that by using keywords employers may be searching for and asking contacts to give you recommendations and endorsements.

At this stage, remember to not reject people based on their position. A beginner mistake is to reject connections from people with “lower-ranking” job titles or “unrelated” expertise. Accept those invites! You never know who will become a valuable source of information and support.

  1. Back to basics

Get back to basics with a good profile photo and a snappy headline (the headline is especially important, as it shows up in all your LinkedIN searches!). A good profile photo is professional and clear, but you can also show a bit of yourself in your choice or background or clothes. Just make sure there are no excessive shadows, artsy lighting, or other people in the shot.

For your personal headline, you want something snappy and original. Remember to write from first person and keep it unique – what makes you stand out? It’s also vital to include a call to action, answering the question of “what do you want viewers to do with your profile?”

  1. Stay LinkedIN

One of the biggest mistakes professionals make on LinkedIN is only becoming active when they need a job. Not only does this signal your desperation to everyone, you’ll be unnecessarily stressed and worried as you network.

Instead, network all the time. You can do simple things like “like” and “share” pertinent articles, or check up on old connections and find some new ones. The SEO will note the frequency of your posts, and your page will see more action and engagement.

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