An Introduction to Screener Jobs

Temperature screeners are everywhere these days. Most of them are employed at hospitals, Changi Airport, private businesses and public areas. This line of work, created by the pandemic, has been snapped up by applicants looking for short-term gigs with stable pay.

Our own portal has many listings looking for temperature screeners to service buildings all over Singapore.

What is a temperature screener, exactly?

Generally, a temperature screener does exactly that – take guests’ temperatures and ensure that they fill out the appropriate declaration forms. However, some positions also require their screeners to operate thermal scanners or fulfill ad-hoc ushering duties.

Temperature screener jobs are gig work by nature, mostly based on 3-month contracts. However, some positions seem to be open to extending contracts on an ad-hoc basis.

How much is the pay?

Temperature screeners are typically paid from $8/hr – $12/hr, with higher rates for graveyard shifts and extra duties. Alternatively, some contracts are on a monthly basis at roughly $1,500 – $2,000/month.

Are there any qualifications needed?

One of the biggest draws of this positon is that it needs only the minimum of qualifications, such as O-Levels. In fact, some companies are entertaining sign-ups via Whatsapp, and all applicants need to submit is a declaration form of their own!

That said, hospitals and healthcare providers tend to prioritise those who have previous experience in a healthcare setting.

Any other considerations?

The biggest reservations most have about this position is the potential exposure to the virus, especially in a hospital situation. While risk cannot be eliminated completely, it is noteworthy that the number of infected cases seems to be low and hence the possibility of infection is unlikely.

Temperature screening can require standing for long periods of time outdoors, so those who cannot take strenuous activity may wish to avoid it.

If you need a short-term position, apply now!

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