7 In-Demand Soft Skills to put on Your Resume

Soft skills are easily overlooked during the job application process. They’re generalised and non-technical, and some of us dismiss them as “buzz words” that don’t really affect the application.

That could not be less true. ATS Systems, recruiters and employment agencies are all very aware – and actively searching for – in-demand soft skills. These can make all the difference between your application and someone else’s, so get to listing them (with examples of course)!

In-demand soft skills today include:

  1. Time management

    Being able to get maximum results in the time you have is a desirable quality in any job. Examples of time management include juggling multiple projects, being able to meet tight deadlines, and the ability to cope with urgent work requests.

  2. Problem-solving

    A lot of work (and in some jobs all the work) is solving problems. Are you good at finding solutions and getting them implemented? Do you tinker with processes so that they can be more efficient or less time-consuming? Those are all examples of problem-solving behaviour that should be on your CV.

  3. A Good Listener

    The phrase tends to bring to mind a therapist or social worker, but a good listener is indispensable to any organisation. Try to be someone who listens more than he/she speaks, and takes others’ views into consideration during work. Those are all hallmarks of a good listener.

  4. Public Speaking

    The ability to give a good presentation or speech is useful in many jobs. Also, good public speaking skills tend to indicate a calm, confident individual – which many hiring managers appreciate. Bring your public speaking skills to the fore by giving examples of presentations in your resume, and be ready to describe the tactics and strategies you used to appeal to your audience.

  5. Detail-oriented

    A small mistake can lead to big trouble in many jobs, especially those in finance of IT. Hence, organisations look for meticulous individuals who check thoroughly and hold themselves to high standards of completion. If that describes your work, you should definitely note it down.

  6. Teamwork

    Do you work well with others? If you’re helpful, co-operative and collaborative, you are definitely an asset to whichever organisation hires you.

  7. Creativity

    Can you think “off the beaten path” and propose new solutions when everyone gets stuck? Creativity is closely correlated with problem-solving, but it emphasises the ability to think outside of the box. While it is easy to find someone who has memorised the rules and their applications, someone who knows how to bend those rules to get results is rarer – if it’s you, be sure to mention it!

While we’ve highlighted seven skills, there are many other soft skills that companies are looking for today. When you see a job posting you’re interested in, be sure to give the “Additional Skills” section a look – you may find you fit many criteria there.

Business photo created by katemangostar – www.freepik.com