10 Job-Related New Years Resolutions for 2021

The New Year is just around the corner, and most of us are hoping it will be better than 2020. And what better way to set some expectations with that time-honoured tradition, the New Year’s Resolution?

Knowing that many jobseekers will continue their search into 2021, and that those employed may have things they wish for, we’ve compiled 10 job-related New Year Resolutions you might want to add to your list!

So, come 2021, do swear you’ll at least:

  1. Update your resume
  2. Make a new professional connection
  3. Connect with someone on LinkedIN
  4. Join a work-related group
  5. Watch your work-life balance
  6. Attend a professional course
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Clean out your inbox/outbox (digital and analog!)
  9. Read a motivational/career-oriented book
  10. Send a thank-you note to someone who helped you professionally

How about it? Do try to fill your New Year’s Resolutions with some career-oriented wishes, and maybe they’ll come true!