How to Find a Good Company

Jobseekers come from all walks of life, each with different impetuses behind the search for employment. While no two people are the same, these differences can be broadly categorised into several brackets each with its own characteristics in their “dream company”.

Therefore, there is no one answer to which company would fit you best. Extroverts would prefer collaborative environments with a high degree of communication, while introverts take an “only talk to me when you have something to say” approach. A jobseeker with family to look after might prioritise flexible work options above salary, while someone who took out a loan for their first car or home may be looking to pay it back as fast as possible.

These examples might already have you forming a picture of what you want in your job. Let us help you refine that picture according to your position, define the steps to find a place that fits, and finally shortlist potentials. The last is why you should definitely register for Jobscentral Virtual Career Fair 2022 – you may find your “best fit” there!

If you are a fresh jobseeker, you will fit in…

A company that values your fresh opinion and boundless energy. You have just entered the working world, after all!
A company where you can learn and make mistakes. Check job descriptions and the company website to see if they have a mentorship programme or learning opportunities. Sound out the interviewer to get a feel for the workplace culture – is it tolerant and accepting? Or aggressive and negative?
A company where you can grow. Check if you can see yourself being promoted and reaching some of your career goals with this company. You might not be able to find a perfect fit, but you should be able to accomplish something beyond getting a job during your time there.

If you are a mid-career jobseeker, you will fit in…

A company that offers you a more senior position. You are more well-established in your industry than a fresh entrant, so a management or lead position would be the next step in your career.
A company that has a place for you to establish yourself. As a mid-career jobseeker, you will bring your own contacts and business acumen into the new role. Will you be able to expand from there?
A company that offers flexibility in how you work. As your work patterns are more established by this point, check to see how your style fits with the company’s. This is especially necessary for “hard negotiations” such as those involving flexible hours, paid leave for childcare or other concerns, and overtime. If the work style differs, are they willing to accommodate you?

If you are thinking of an industry switch, you will fit in…

A well-established industry name. This will enable you to learn the ropes within established processes, which is a good place from which to make a fresh start.
A company with career conversion and upskilling options. Some companies have established schemes for those making a mid-career switch, or sponsor training for senior staff. You would do well in such a structured environment for your first steps.
A place where you can apply your transferable skills. These include soft skills such as communication, team management and problem solving. Bringing these skills into a new job will help you establish yourself and feel more confident.

If you are looking nearing retirement age, you will fit in…

A company with existing, effective SOPs. No need to reinvent the wheel, but you do still have a responsibility to keep things running smoothly.
A place with good healthcare benefits. You are not getting any younger, so look after your health!
A company that values your experiences. At this stage, you have a great deal of work and life experience. Look for a company where you can mentor others, host trainings or establish effective workflows – after all, you have to apply all this learning!

As you search for the company that fits you best, remember you can always ask friends, family and professional contacts for advice. These #GoodPeople will be useful sources of information to guide your path (make sure to thank them in our campaign on Facebook and LinkedIN). Also, make sure to attend job fairs like Jobscentral Virtual Career Fair 2022!