How to Be one of the Good People at Work

There are many good people in our work lives. Management who listen and take action, colleagues who support and go the extra mile, vendors who solve customer pain points and help people above business, clients who actively engage and understand.

As you join in lauding these individuals, you might be wondering, “Am I a good person? Am I one of the Good People?”

Don’t doubt yourself. Just by asking yourself this question, you already are!

Let’s get down to brass tacks about who the Good People are, why you should aspire to join them, and exactly what skills they exemplify that distinguish them from the rest.

Who are the Good People?

We’ve provided some examples above, but let’s try for a general definition: The Good People are the people who make work fulfilling, efficient and enjoyable. They are the people who listen, understand, and take action.

In our working lives, we will meet many of such people. However, as hectic days pass, we might forget to mention how much they made a difference. #JobscentralGoodPeople is an invitation to stop, remember, and express our grateful feelings towards those who contributed to a great working environment, a successful project, or a cohesive company.

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Why should you want to be one of the Good People?

Some of us have the mistaken idea that it is enough to do our jobs and no more. After all, that’s what we’re paid to do, isn’t it? Why be one of the Good People, going one or two or a thousand steps further for no gain?

That would be a great mistake. Multiple studies have confirmed that good relationships in the workplace lead to higher job satisfaction and a better sense that you’re working to your full potential. This is especially true in Singapore, where work relationships are a deciding factor in job satisfaction. You will also enjoy a smoother career progression as your contributions get noticed. In a nutshell, being a good person is good for your career too.

Good People are pivotal to organisational success as well. Benefits include:
• a higher level of innovation and creativity company-wide
• the ability to focus on opportunities rather than spending energy trying to overcome the problems that accompany poor work relationships
• a high level of cooperation
• improved work flow processes as problems can be identified and addressed expediently without finding people to blame
• appropriate career progression for everyone in the company, suited to their needs and interests

What makes one of the Good People?

Now that we have established who they are and what benefits they bring, you may be wondering how to become one of the Good People.

As mentioned above, just asking this question is the first step on the right path, because Good People:
Engage in self-reflection. The ability to question your own work and contributions, and proactively seek to do more.
Demonstrate good communication skills. Good People listen and are listened to. They speak or write in a clear and timely fashion, and strive for mutual understanding and agreement.
Go beyond. Good People don’t settle for the bare minimum. They ask what more can be done and think of the organisation as a whole rather than just their own turf. This drive and initiative sets them apart from others.
Actively seek and respond to feedback. Everyone has their blind spots, and the Good People know this. Therefore, they proactively seek out feedback and reflect on it to constantly better themselves.
Solve problems, not people. Those who are truly effective work on problems and obstacles that an organisation faces rather than focusing on petty disputes. They look at the big picture and identify what needs to be done, then do it.
Are team players. One of the most important behaviour goals for employees is to work as a cohesive team. Good People strive to work well with others and exhibit behavior conducive to teamwork. They support, encourage, and empathise with teammates and actively push them forward.

We are keenly aware, however, that this list is not exhaustive. What makes someone one of the Good People can be any one of these skills, or others, often in combination. What are some other traits of #GoodPeople that come to mind? Do share your thoughts and stories on social media and join in the #JobscentralGoodPeople Social Media Contest!